Apricot & Cherry Toast


Colored pencil on hot press (view larger)

Progress pictures!


Quick sketch


toast2Watercolor pencil layer



Most of the base for the fruit is done.



All that’s left is to deepen the shadows and add the highlights.




Strawberry and Vanilla Ice Cream

Summertime ice cream! Yumm.


Strawberry and Vanilla Ice Cream, colored pencil on hot press (view larger)

And some progress shots…

ice cream 1

First watercolor pencil layer


ice cream 3

It’s blurry because my camera phone is shot 😦


ice cream 2

Just need to do the highlights and the napkin.

Icy Drink with Lemons

I have no idea what kind of drink this is, but there are lemons and a fancy chocolate piece on top.

icy drink with lemons colored pencil drawing

Icy Drink with Lemons, colored pencil on hot press (view larger)

In-progress shots:

drink 1

First layer is always watercolor pencils.  I went a bit darker than I normally do, since there was a lot of depth to this drink.


drink 2


drink 3