Cupcake with Heart Topper

This one is meant to be a companion to the Red Velvet Heart Cupcake.

cupcake with heart topper.jpg

Cupcake with Heart Topper, 2019, colored pencil on hot press.  View larger.

For this drawing, I tried out Caran D’ache colored pencils, instead of Prismacolor. It took some getting used to, but once I did I found these tons easier to work with – they felt more creamy so it was easier to blend and layer.  Particularly the browns were easier to work with, for some reason!

They were also more stable – not one of the Caran D’ache pencils broke during sharpening, whereas this is a huge problem with Prismacolors. They cost more, but if the tradeoff is actually being able to use more of the pencil, I’ll take it.

The only Primsacolor one I’ll be sticking with in the future though is their white pencil,  which I continued to use here, because it was much more effective at layering on top than the Caran D’ache white pencil.  Good thing I bought a box of a dozen white pencils a few months ago….

To make up for the last one, I made sure to take more progress pictures:


First layer of watercolor pencils. Sometimes I’ll add the water as I go, but I didn’t do that this time.



Same state, just after the water is added.



Making progress on the cupcake bottom.



And this is with the icing mostly done. The blue icing was fun!

Raspberry Chocolate Cake

With chocolate mousse!

I finished this a few weeks ago but only just got around to scanning it.


raspberry chocolate cake

Raspberry Chocolate Cake, 2018, colored pencil on hot press. View larger.

I mostly forgot to take progress pictures, but here are two:


This one is right after the watercolor pencil layer.



This one is about 2/3rds done maybe.  I’m in the middle of the 2nd pass on everything.

Red Velvet Heart Cupcake


Red Velvet Heart Cupcake, colored pencil on hot press (view larger)

Progress shots coming up:


A blurry shot of the first watercolor pencil layer.



Working on the bottom of the cupcake first to establish the red tone and shading I want.  I save most of the white highlights for the end so I can make sure I get the right level of contrast in comparison with the rest of the drawing.



Once I finish with that, I do the icing and the heart shaped decorations.  This is about halfway through the icing.  I thought I initially ruined it with too much yellow-orange in the shadow areas but managed to save it with excessive use of the white pencil and ink pen.

Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie

Hey guys I baked you cookies.

(J/k if I really did that I’d eat them all and you’d get none. Have a drawing instead.)


Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie, colored pencil on hot press (view large)


Progress pictures:

1 copy

The first layer of watercolor colored pencil…

2 copy…and with the water applied

3 copy

This one was a little difficult to figure out how to approach since it was one continuous shape and didn’t have distinct shape or color boundaries unlike most of my other illustrations, so I ended up taking a top down counterclockwise approach.

4 copy

Finishing up the broken piece. I added the highlights and sea salt after this.

Blackberry Popsicles


Blackberry Popsicles, colored pencil on hot press (view large)

A few progress shots…


1st layer with the watercolor pencils



Some progress on the popsicle second in the stack.


I hated the color on the berries. I thought I went way too red compared to the more purple-colored popsicles.



But it ended up working out once I added some highlights. Around here is the time I stopped hating this!