Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie

Hey guys I baked you cookies.

(J/k if I really did that I’d eat them all and you’d get none. Have a drawing instead.)


Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie, colored pencil on hot press (view large)


Progress pictures:

1 copy

The first layer of watercolor colored pencil…

2 copy…and with the water applied

3 copy

This one was a little difficult to figure out how to approach since it was one continuous shape and didn’t have distinct shape or color boundaries unlike most of my other illustrations, so I ended up taking a top down counterclockwise approach.

4 copy

Finishing up the broken piece. I added the highlights and sea salt after this.


Blackberry Popsicles


Blackberry Popsicles, colored pencil on hot press (view large)

A few progress shots…


1st layer with the watercolor pencils



Some progress on the popsicle second in the stack.


I hated the color on the berries. I thought I went way too red compared to the more purple-colored popsicles.



But it ended up working out once I added some highlights. Around here is the time I stopped hating this!


Icy Drink with Lemons

I have no idea what kind of drink this is, but there are lemons and a fancy chocolate piece on top.

icy drink with lemons colored pencil drawing

Icy Drink with Lemons, colored pencil on hot press (view larger)

In-progress shots:

drink 1

First layer is always watercolor pencils.  I went a bit darker than I normally do, since there was a lot of depth to this drink.


drink 2


drink 3