Pancakes with Honey


Oh hey guys I made breakfast!

Pancakes with Honey, colored pencil on hot press, 2018.  (view larger)

Watercolor pencil layer

Laying in the colored pencils.

About halfway done with the top pancake and the honey.



Birthday Cupcakes

candlesBirthday Cupcakes, colored pencil on hot press (view larger)

A bunch of process shots below! Starting with a sketch..


Then a watercolor prismacolor pencil layer:


Colored pencil + tons of blending. If I’m doing multiples of an object, the first one usually turns out the worst as I figure out how to approach it (but I’m not pointing out which one it is 🙂 )


Blocking in the candles to prepare for layering in the background:


Watercolor prismacolor pencils again to start the background:


Almost finished with the background, omg what have I done to myself:


There! Finished!


And the bottom… There is no black in the background, or the rest of the illustration. To achieve the darks I’m layering ultramarine blue, dark umber, and cool gray together.08

And then the last 10% for the finishing touches, cleaning up edges, and highlights. This is always the most fun part as the illustration comes together!  Final version again: